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  • Description
  • Conversion tool for CTF SSV files to Elan evoked potential format (.p).

  • Usage
  • ctfssv2ep myssvfile.ssv myparfile myepfile [+xml_file xml_filename] [+v]

    with :

    • myctfdirectory.ds : CTF dataset directory (with extension).
    • myparfile : text file containing conversion parameters (electrode names and numbers in elec.dat).
    • myepfile : output .p file (no extension).
    • options :
      +xml_file xml_filename : XML filename to save matrix in (with extension).
      +v : verbose mode. If omitted, verbose mode is off.

    myparfile lists the name and number of all the sensors of the dataset.

  • Fields of parameter file and example
  • electrodes
    Output channel name list :

    Names and numbers corresponding to elec.dat definition for converted channels, or name and -1 if the channel is not defined in elec.dat.

    The order and number of channels should be the same as in the input CTF res4 file.
    nb_tot_chan 340 Number of channels in CTF dataset.

  • Example

  • Comments
    • All channels of the dataset must be listed in the parameter file, because SSV file uses the indice of channels.

  • Current version
  • 1.04 23-11-2010

  • History
    • 1.00 18-02-2010 (PEA) : first version.
    • 1.01 18-02-2010 (PEA) : correction for channels/vectors order.
    • 1.02 22-02-2010 (PEA) : adding option +xml_file to save a XML text file for using with eegproject, eegfiltica and matrix2p.
    • 1.03 24-02-2010 (PEA) : adding the field nb_tot_chan in parameter file. It gives the number of channel of an Elan EEG file that may be used with eegproject and eegfiltica. The value is the number of analog channels (without the 2 digital channels of Elan files dig1 and dig2).
    • 1.04 23-11-2010 (PEA) : correction in rchmpl (addition of maximum length line) in libgen.

  • Files
  • $ELANPATH/bin/ctfssv2ep

  • See also
  • ctf2eeg, ctf2ep, ctfmrk2pos, pos2ctfmrk, eegproject, eegfiltica, matrix2p