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  • Description
  • Conversion function for Elan EEG files (.eeg and .eeg.ent) to Fieldtrip.

  • Usage
  • [ft_hdr, ft_events, ft_data, ft_sensors] = eeg2fieldtrip(InEEGFile, varargin)
    with :

    • InEEGFile : input filename (with extension) with the complete path.
    • 'eventfile', eventfilename: Elan event file (.pos) to convert. If omitted, no event is imported.
    • 'sensorfile', sensorfilename: sensor coordinates file. For CTF, the file is .res4 of the dataset. See Fieldtrip help of ft_read_sens for more informations.
    • 'sensorfilebox': opens a dialog box to select sensor file. If omitted and 'sensorfile' is omitted, no sensor coordinates is imported.
    • 'chanindx', chanindx : selected channel indices. If omitted, all channels are selected.
    • 'begsample', begsample : first sample of data. If omitted, begsample = 1 (1st sample of file).
    • 'endsample', endsample : last sample of data (or 'all' for last sample o file). If omitted, endsample = last sample of file.
    • 'save', filename : saves ft_hdr, ft_events, ft_data, ft_sensors to filename MAT file. If omitted, these variables are not saved.

    output :

    • ft_hdr : Fieldtrip header.
    • ft_events : events stored in Fiedltrip event structure.
    • ft_data : data stored in Fiedltrip data structure.
    • ft_sensors : sensor (EEG or MEG) positions in Fiedltrip data structure.

  • Fields of parameter file and example

  • Example

  • Comments

  • Current version
  • 1.00 10-02-2012

  • History
    • 1.00 10-02-2012 (PEA) : 1st version.

  • Files
  • $ELANPATH/misc/matlab/eeg2fieldtrip.m

  • See also
  • eeg2mat, mat2eeg, ep2fieldtrip