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  • Description
  • Computes the division between two evoked potential files (.p) file1.p/file2.p. The output is a new evoked potential file (.p).

  • Usage
  • epdiv

    This program uses an interactive input.The questions are as follows (questions (program) are italic, answers (user) are bold):
    Name of the first .p file (no .p extension) or return to quit :
    Name of the second .p file (no .p extension) :
    Name of the resulting .p file (no .p extension) :
    Name of the first .p file (no .p extension) or return to quit :

  • Fields of parameter file and example

  • Examples
  • This program will compute the division between myfile1, myfile2 (myfile1.p/myfile2.p) and will store the results in myoutputfile. The number of channel, the number of samples, the analysis duration, the number of pre-stimulus samples and the sampling period must be the same in all input files.

  • Comments
    1. It should be noted that the ep file name are entered without the .p extension.
    2. Possible error messages:
    3. Incompatible epfile : p_xe[n]
      the file you just enter is not compatible with the previous ones. The 'n' indicates which field of the *.p header is wrong:
      - 1 the number of channel,
      - 2 the number of samples,
      - 3 the epoch duration,
      - 4 the number of pre-stimulus samples,
      - 5 the sampling period.

  • Current version
  • 1.03 24-01-2011

  • History
    • 1.02 29-09-2010 (PEA) : updates to use cmake and free release of Elan.
    • 1.03 24-01-2011 (PEA) : removes static allocation for reading EP file.

  • Files
  • $ELANPATH/bin/epdiv

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