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Hardware compatibility

The ELAN toolbox can import data from many commercially available electrophysiological data acquisition devices, including research and clinical systems. These include:

  • Biosemi (BioSemi, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Brain Products Recorder (BrainProducts GmbH, Munich, Germany)
  • CTF Inc. (VSM Med Tech Ltd., Coquitlam, BC, Canada)
  • Neuromag (Elekta AB, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • EGI Geodesic (Electrical Geodesics Inc., Eugene, OR, USA)
  • InstEP System (InstEP systems, Ottawa, Canada)
  • Micromed (Micromed, Treviso, Italy)
  • Neuroscan (Neuroscan Inc., VA, USA)
  • Alpha Omega AlphaMap (Alpha Omega, Nazareth, Israel)
  • Wavemetrics IGOR Pro (WaveMetrics Inc., Lake Oswego, OR, USA)

In addition, beyond standard data formats from hardware devices, ELAN can also import data by conversion from many standard file format such as ASCII (text), MATLAB (mat file), EDF (European Data Format), GDF (General Data Format for Biosignals).
New data conversion and import tools will be added to the ELAN package soon. Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about currently unsupported data formats.