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Installation guide for MAC OS X

ELAN makes an intensive use of the 3 button mouse (Unix functionalities). To use graphical programs, please install a 3 button mouse and configure it.

  1. Download ELAN archive :
    Go to the download page and select the archive according to your Mac OS X version.
  2. Dependencies :
    ELAN uses some external libraries. Before installing ELAN, you must solve the following dependencies :
    OpenMotif, GSL, LAPACK, libquicktime, libjpeg, libxml2.
    Note that some of these libraries are commonly installed by default or might have been already installed on your system.

    If they are not installed, you must use MacPorts ( and install the application (see "Installing MacPorts" section or the "Download" button of the home page of the project).
    You should also install from Apple.

    Launch the X11 application and open a Terminal (Applications / Terminal menu).
    Then type the following commands in the terminal :

    sudo port install openmotif
    sudo port install gsl
    sudo port install libquicktime
    sudo port install jpeg