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Getting Started

ELAN consists in several stand-alone programs that can be run in a Linux shell by typing a command line. Two types of program can be found:

  • computation programs
    usually consisting in a command line followed by arguments: these programs perform several types of computation on the raw continuous signals, or on averaged responses; they allow classical average response analysis, or analysis in the time-frequency domain.

  • graphic viewing
    programs allowing to interactively view the different types of data : continuous eeg, averaged responses, and time-frequency representation. All three programs are highly user-friendly, and allow a comprehensive interactive viewing of all aspects of the data, including topographical mapping and measurements.

The first step consists in converting your own continuous EEG or MEG data files to the ELAN internal format. Thereafter, all processing will only concern files in ELAN format (continuous data files [.eeg files], average responses [.p files], trigger position [.pos files], time-frequency data [.tf files], …). Here below is a more detailed description of the different steps to achieve, from continuous raw data to ERP or time-frequency viewing: