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  • Description
  • Conversion tool for Micromed TRC files (versions 1, 2, 3, 4) to EEG format.

  • Usage
  • micromed2eeg mymicromedfile.trc myeegfile [myparfile]

    with :

    • mymicromedfile.trc : Micromed file (with extension).
    • myeegfile : output EEG file (no extension).
    • option :
      myparfile : text file containing conversion parameters. If omitted, it runs as if all fields of parameter are omitted.

  • Fields of parameter file and example
  • electrodes
    Output channel name list :
    Names and numbers corresponding to elec.dat definition for converted channels, or name and -1 if the channel is not defined in elec.dat.
    The order should be the same as in the input Micromed file.
    This field is optional.
    If omitted, the name of the channels is read from the Micromed file. The first entry corresponding to the label in elec.dat is choosen. A file myeegfile.elec.out is created and contains the channel names and channel numbers used for the conversion.
    conversion 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 Flag for conversion of electrodes :
    1 : convert electrode,
    0 : electrode not present in the output file (myeegfile)
    This field is optional.
    If omitted, all electrodes are converted.
    notes_code 99 Event code number written in the myeegfile.eeg for each note (related to a function key) stored during the acquisition with the Micromed system.
    The file myeegfile.notes.txt is created. It contains the event positions (in samples from the beginning of the recording) and the comments associated with each function key.
    This field is optional.
    If omitted, no note is converted and no myeegfile.notes.txt is created.
    event_chan_nb 2 Number of channels in which analog trigger pulses were recorded (superimposed to the EEG signal). If a trigger is found (saturation value), an event is detected and the value is replace by an interpolated value.
    This field is optional but required for analog trigger pulse detection.
    If omitted, no trigger pulse is detected.
    1 2
    List of the channel numbers in which analog trigger pulses were recorded (superimposed to the EEG signal).
    This field is required when the field "event_chan_nb" is present.
    32 64
    List of event codes corresponding to the trigger pulses in which analog trigger pulses were recorded (superimposed to the EEG signal). Required for analog trigger pulse detection. If two or more trigger pulses occur simultaneously, the corresponding event code will be the sum of the concerned event codes.
    This field is required when the field "event_chan_nb" is present.

  • Example

  • Comments
    • Trigger codes could be stored in the myMicromedfile.trc, either as digital events (trc file version 4), or as analog trigger pulses superimposed on selected EEG channels (see fields event_chan_nb, event_chan_list and event_code_list above).

  • Current version
  • 1.26 07-05-2014

  • History
    • 1.13 06-01-2006 (PEA) : bug fix.
    • 1.14 01-02-2006 (PEA) : minor modification.
    • 1.15 08-03-2006 (PEA) : adding field "conversion" for choosing channels to convert.
    • 1.16 13-02-2007 (PEA) : suppress blank in electrode names.
    • 1.17 21-02-2007 (PEA) : minor modification : display channels used for analog events.
    • 1.18 26-02-2007 (PEA) : correction for event detection on analog channels and code notes for Micromed files version 3 and 4.
    • 1.19 13-06-2007 (PEA) : test memory available before allocation.
    • 1.20 13-08-2007 (PEA) : minor modification.
    • 1.21 17-10-2007 (PEA) : adding chronological sort of digital triggers before use. Bad order may be an acquisition error : display a warning.
    • 1.22 16-09-2010 (PEA) : dynamic allocation for reading elec.dat (no maximum anymore).
    • 1.23 16-09-2010 (PEA) : minor modification.
    • 1.24 17-03-2011 (PEA) : adds use of multiplier of sampling frequency as defined by Micromed.
    • 1.26 07-05-2014 (PEA) : adds display to console of hipass and lopass filtering values read from TRC.

  • Files
  • $ELANPATH/bin/micromed2eeg

  • See also
  • micromed2ep