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  • Description
  • Conversion tool for Micromed TRC files (versions 1, 2, 3, 4) to EP format.

  • Usage
  • micromed2ep myMicromedEPfile.trc [myEPfile [myparfile]] [-v]

    with :

    • myMicromedEPfile.trc : The Micromed EP filename to be converted (with extension).
    • options:
      myEPfile : the name of the converted EP file (without extension). If not specified, the Micromed file is not converted and its content is displayed.
      myparfile : conversion parameter file. If omitted, conversion parameters are extracted from Micromed TRC file.
      -v : verbose mode on (default is off).

  • Fields of parameter file and example
  • electrodes
    Output channel name list :
    Names and numbers corresponding to elec.dat definition for converted channels, or name and -1 if the channel is not defined in elec.dat.
    The order should be the same as in the input Micromed file.
    This field is optional.
    If omitted, the name of the channels is read from the Micromed file. The first entry corresponding to the label in elec.dat is choosen.

  • Example

  • Comments
    • Trigger codes could be stored in the myMicromedfile.trc, either as digital events (trc file version 4), or as analog trigger pulses superimposed on selected EEG channels (see fields event_chan_nb, event_chan_list and event_code_list above).

  • Current version
  • 1.00 15-04-2014

  • History
    • 1.00 15-04-2014 (PEA) : 1st version.

  • Files
  • $ELANPATH/bin/micromed2ep

  • See also
  • micromed2eeg