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  • Description
  • Conversion tool for Neuroscan continuous files to EEG format.

  • Usage
  • neuroscan2eeg [-?] myNeuroscanfile.cnt [myparfile myeegfile [calibration_factor] [-b32]]

    with :

    • myNeuroscanfile.cnt : Neuroscan file to convert (with extension).
    • myparfile : text file containing conversion parameters (electrode names and numbers).
    • myeegfile : output EEG file (no extension).
    • options :
      -? : display the structure of the parameter file.
      calibration_factor : forces the amplitude calibration factor to be the same for all channels with this specified value. If omitted, calibration factors stored in the Neuroscan file (*.cnt) will be considered.
      -b32 : data are considered as 32 bit signed integers instead of 16 bit signed integers.

      If only myNeuroscanfile.cnt is passed, the program reads the header of the file, prints it and stops.

  • Fields of parameter file and example
  • electrodes
    Output channel name list :

    Names and numbers corresponding to elec.dat definition for converted channels, or name and -1 if the channel is not defined in elec.dat.

    The order should be the same as in the input Neuroscan file.

  • Example

  • Comments

  • Current version
  • 1.15 22-10-2013

  • History
    • 1.13 13-08-2007 (PEA)
    • 1.14 17-11-2011 (PEA) : adds the ability to read neuroscan header by giving the Neuroscan file name only.
    • 1.15 22-10-2013 (PEA) : fixes an error in 64 bits version when reading file (use of long for 32 bits int).

  • Files
  • $ELANPATH/bin/neuroscan2eeg

  • See also