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Step 3 – EEG and event display

The raw signals can be displayed by the program eeg (either by typing the command line eeg and interactively loading the myeegfile.eeg file, or by typing eeg myeegfile.eeg to directly load the file of interest). eeg is an interactive graphic program. Here are some tips for getting started with eeg:

  • Channels to be displayed can be selected by the 'Channel Selection' button (menu bar).
  • Continuous signal can be browsed by clicking the right- (forward) or left- (backward) button of the mouse.
  • A cursor can be displayed by clicking the middle-button (or both right- and left mouse buttons). It can then be moved by the right and left arrows on the keyboard and provides time and amplitude measures for each channel.
  • Time and amplitude scales can be modified by the 'Scale' button (menu bar) or in the right menus. Each thick vertical line corresponds to 1 second.
  • Event code file (myeegfile.pos) can be loaded by the 'Event' button (menu bar). Event codes appear in the upper and lower parts of the display by blue ticks and event code numbers. The signal is browsed by jumping from one event to the other (right, forward or left, backward mouse buttons).