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hello world

Good luck with the installation of ELAN.
Let us know if you have any question.

Happy ELAN processing!

Install on windows

Hi Pierre-Em
thanks for all this work it is great!! we all enjoy it a lot.
Just a few words about installing Elan on windows with the virtual box. It was quite complicated to define working directories and get files from directories difined in windows. I am not quite sure myself to remember the procedure: part is to be done from the wirtual box (file sharing), but also in linux we had to install a vbox addition + other tricks. It might be worth having something about that in the install instruction ifnot done already.
Thanks again

E Procyk
SBRI Inserm U846

Install on windows

Hi Emmanuel,
Thank you for your feedback.
It's a good idea to have more informations about installation and VirtualBox.
I'm writing this. It will be soon available at