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  • Description
  • Computes the mean interval (reaction time) between 2 events (.pos file) and creates histogram files in EP file format .p.

  • Usage
  • poschseq file.eeg.ent file_in.pos
    with :

    • file.eeg.ent : header file of a .eeg file (used to read sampling frequency).
    • file_in.pos : input event file to process (with extension).

    This program uses an interactive input.The questions are as follows (questions (program) are italic, answers (user) are bold):
    Number of conditions (event pairs):
    Condition 1:
    event code :
    followed by event code:
    Condition 2:
    event code :
    followed by event code:
    Do you want to create an EP file (*.p) for RT histogram (y/n)?
    if yes
    Do you want to use an EP file (*.p) as a template (y/n)?
    the template file is used to determine the time window, the sampling period and the number of channels which will contain the same histogram; this facilitate comparison of the histogram and the EP file with erpa.
    if yes
    Template EP file name (no .p extension):
    Output EP filemane for RT histogram (no .p extension):
    Bin size (in ms) of the histogram:
    the counts of RTs will be accumulated in this bin size, and the whole time epoch (defined by the template file or by the max latency) will be defined by successive bins.
    if no template file
    Sampling period (in ms) of the output EP file:
    Max latency (in ms) of the output EP file (max RT = 983 ms) :
    Histogram values: positive (1) or negative (-1):
    the histogram values can be stored as positive or negative values. Negative values facilitate comparison with the ep file with positivity down displayed by erpa.
    Histogram values: count numbers (0) or % (1):
    count numbers (useful for averaging of histogram files) or percentage (count numbers are divided by the total number of considered trials) can be stored.

  • Fields of parameter file and examples

  • Example

  • Comments

  • Current version
  • 2.25 05-01-2011

  • History
    • 2.24 01-10-2010 (PEA) : 1st documented version.
    • 2.25 05-01-2011 (PEA) : update to use cmake and free release of Elan. Remove static allocation for reading EEG file header.

  • Files
  • $ELANPATH/bin/posrt

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