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  • Description
  • Re-samples any TF (.tf) file following the time and frequency resolutions of a TF template file.
    This is required for combining smoothed or statistically windowed TF files to other high-resolution TF files (by tfavgmask for instance). The output file has exactly the same dimension as the template file. Number of channels for template an input TF files should be the same.

  • Usage
  • tfavgresample [time_win time_shift]
    with :

    • : template TF file (with extension) : defines time and frequency sampling.
    • : input TF file (with extension) tor resample.
    • : resulting TF re-sampled file (with extension) with the same time-frequency resolution as .
    • options :
    • time_win : time window duration (in ms) corresponding to the time step. If omitted, the time step corresponds to the sampling period in .
      time_shift : time shift (in ms) to start the resampling. Required if time_win is used.

  • Fields of parameter file and example

  • Examples

  • Comments

  • Current version
  • 1.03 11-03-2011

  • History
    • 1.01 22-04-2005 (OB) : 1st documented version (renamed from tfavgunsmooth).
    • 1.02 18-07-2005 (PEA) : minor modification.
    • 1.03 11-03-2011 (PEA) : updates to use cmake and free release of Elan.

  • Files
  • $ELANPATH/bin/tfavgresample

  • See also
  • epresample, tfstat, tfavgwilcox, tfavgsmooth, tfavgmask