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  • Description
  • Applies a smoothing time-frequency window on a TF file (output in TF file format). The value at the center of each time-frequency window of the output file is the mean value computed over the window.

  • Usage
  • tfavgsmooth

    This program uses an interactive input.The questions are as follows (questions (program) are italic, answers (user) are bold):
    Start latency (in ms) :
    Stop latency (in ms) :
    Start frequency (in Hz) :
    Stop frequency (in Hz) :
    Half smoothing time-window (in ms) :
    the full time window duration will be 101 ms
    Time step for time smoothing (in ms) :
    Half smoothing frequency-window (in Hz) :
    the full frequency window size will be 5 Hz
    Frequency step for frequency smoothing (in Hz) :
    Name of the TF file to smooth (with extension) or Enter to quit :
    Name of smoothed TF file :
    Name of the TF file to smooth (with extension) or Enter to quit :
    a new TF file can be processed with the same parameters,
    or the return key terminates the program.

  • Fields of parameter file and example

  • Examples

  • Comments
    1. The output file (.tf) is computed between the chosen start and stop latencies, and has a time-frequency resolution depending on the chosen time and frequency steps.

  • Current version
  • 1.04 10-02-2011

  • History
    • 1.00 09-12-2001 (PEA) : 1st documented version.
    • 1.01 04-02-2002 (PEA) : minor modification.
    • 1.02 13-08-2007 (PEA) : minor modification.
    • 1.03 08-02-2008 (PEA) : adds check for input value consistency.
    • 1.04 10-02-2011 (PEA) : updates to use cmake and free release of Elan.

  • Files
  • $ELANPATH/bin/tfavgsmooth

  • See also
  • tfavgmask